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Common windshield repairs in Ann Arbor, MI
December 19, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Common windshield repairs in Ann Arbor, MI

It’s not uncommon to feel like a bit of damage to your windshield warrants a replacement. Fortunately, you don’t always have to pay the hefty price tag that can come with a windshield replacement. Instead, get windshield repairs in Ann Arbor, MI with Simbol Auto Glass, where your windshield will look as good as new. If you’re unsure what kind of damage can be repaired, we have a short guide that includes some damage you can fix without replacing your windshield.

Small chips

Your windshield is going to get small chips as you drive. No matter how much distance you put between you and the driver ahead of you, it’s going to happen. Small chips can easily get repaired without worrying about paying a lot of money out of pocket. The entire process takes a maximum of about an hour. It’s typical for most auto glass repair shops to waive your copay as your insurance will cover the repair for you.

While small rock chips can be easily repaired and don’t seem to take much time at all to complete, it’s essential that you have them addressed as soon as possible. Small rock chips can start to crack outward from the center of the chip, which causes more damage to your windshield. Cracks can be a significant problem if they get too large. Eventually, you might find that the chip itself has gotten bigger and can’t be repaired. Get small chips replaced right away as it won’t take much from your busy schedule or budget.


You can repair some cracks in your windshield. Keep in mind that a few factors need to be considered when determining whether or not the crack can be repaired.

First, think about the length of the crack. Anytime a crack extends more than six inches, it gets to be much more difficult to repair, but it’s possible to repair certain cracks up to 18 inches or so. Cracks that extend across the width of your windshield have likely compromised the integrity of your windshield, and there’s more damage done than can be repaired.

Second, the location of the crack. Some cracks will originate from a chip in the middle of the windshield then expand toward the edge of the windshield as the glass heats or cools. In contrast, a crack that comes from the edge of the windshield is likely to have damaged the edge of the glass, which makes it considerably weaker.

Third, the age of the crack. Some drivers will leave cracks in their windshield for months or years. While they might be trying to avoid paying for a new windshield, they’re making the situation worse. A new crack can be repaired as the opening is clean with smooth edges. Cracks that are allowed to age get worn down as dirt, dust, and water get in them. Cleaning the debris and fixing a rough edge is more difficult than repairing a fresh crack.

Lose seal

Your car ride should be relatively quiet. Not all vehicles are built to have smooth, peaceful rides, but it shouldn’t always sound like you have a window cracked. Repairing a seal can often be done within 15 minutes, but it’s essential that you allow it to cure properly. If you’re dealing with a windshield that feels like it’s letting in a considerable amount of noise, speak with a windshield repair technician to find out if the seal has come loose.

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