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Window Tinting in Michigan: Caring for Your Windows Afterwards
September 2, 2021 at 4:00 AM
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Have you or members of your family ever experienced a distracting glare while travelling in your vehicle? It is a common occurrence, especially in the summer months. In addition, the sun’s rays can cause the interior of your car to get unbearably hot. Tinting your car windows is the best way to make your trips more comfortable, but this is only one half of the solution. Caring for the tinted windows afterwards is the other half. Here are important tips for caring for your windows after tinting to prolong the lifespan of the tint.

1. Allow for curing of the tint to the glass

If you have just had the tinting process done, you may have a strong urge to start cleaning the windows immediately because they appear a little hazy. It is best to leave your windows up for at least 48 hours after the tint installation to allow for curing.

Some experts are of the opinion that it may even take a little longer for the tint to be fully cured. If you don’t have an immediate requirement to open the windows, it is best to let them sit a little longer than 48 hours before opening up. Check after a few days to confirm that the tint is completely settled before opening up.

2. Use only recommended cleaning materials

It is important to know what products will not be suitable for cleaning your tinted windows. Usually, the company that has carried out the installation will provide advice on products to avoid. In general, you should never use window cleaners that contain ammonia as this may damage or reduce the life span of your tint.

3. Avoid the use of brushes or cloth made from abrasive materials.

These will scratch or deface tinted surfaces. Use only a soft cloth and apply gentle pressure when cleaning. If you accidentally do any damage such as scratching a tinted surface, do not attempt to fix it yourself. The best option is to have it repaired by a professional window tinting Michigan company.

4. Exercise caution when loading or unloading your vehicle

Items with sharp edges such as sporting equipment can ruin your window tint if you don’t exercise reasonable care when loading or unloading them.

The metal buckle of a car seat belt can accidentally damage your window tint if you are not cautious while pulling out the belt.

Why tint your vehicle windows?

There are distinct benefits of doing so. Here are some of them:

  • It blocks a significant amount of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are capable of damaging your skin and causing cancer.
  • It also prevents UV rays from causing the interior upholstery of your vehicle to crack or fade.
  • Driving around during the summer months can be unbearably hot. Most people escape this by turning on the air conditioning full blast, but this takes its toll on the car engine and increases fuel consumption. You will be able to run your air conditioning at a low setting by tinting your car windows.
  • Window tinting will enhance the style and appearance of your car so that it looks sleek and elegant.
  • It protects your privacy and that of your passengers.

Benefits of window tinting in Michigan

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Window tinting is an attractive and economical complement to any vehicle. It is an enhancement your passengers will appreciate. What’s more, it will improve your driving experience because you can avoid the blinding glare you get when you hit the road on a bright, sunny day.