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Seven Michigan Truck Accessories That Combine Style & Safety
November 13, 2022 at 10:00 PM
A Kickass black pick-up parked near th e desert of the dead valley

Michigan truck owners know that most accessories are more than just add-ons for a vehicle – trucks are often working cars and must be outfitted to perform. However, while many accessories are basic must-haves, other add-ons supply a bit of fun with their function.

Ideally, first-time truck buyers should research what accessories best suit their needs. For example, a truck primarily used to haul yard waste will have different requirements than one that pulls a hitch and has a closed bed full of tools. Knowing what your truck will be used for will give you an edge when negotiating an accessories package at purchase.

The sky's the limit for the more casual Michigan truck owner looking for stylish aftermarket accessories. For everything from seat warmers to bed lights, there are thousands of products on the market to make your truck-owning experience top-notch.

Whether you have a truck for work or play, there are seven must-have accessories for all Michigan truck owners. With these essential Michigan truck accessories, you will be outfitted for safety and style, no matter where the road takes you.

7 Cool and Functional Michigan Truck Accessories

  • Running Boards

Running boards attach to either side of your truck and provide a step-up into the cabin or can help you access the bed. These runners attach underneath the truck's body or frame. For safety and durability, runners that attach to the frame are sturdier and longer lasting. Beware of chrome or chrome-plated runners; salt water from winter roads can cause corrosion and peeling, and they’ll need replacement every few years.

  • Car Starter

The holy grail of Michigan truck accessories is the car starter. No more running out to warm up the car twenty minutes before leaving, or worse, forgetting to warm up the car. No more driving with limited visibility or iced windows. Remote start the car while you finish your coffee, and then head out to a safe and warm vehicle.

  • Truck Bed Covers

Protecting the bed of your truck is critical, especially when your vehicle is exposed to intense weather, regular moisture, or is carrying valuables. Truck bed covers come in wide varieties, including tonneau, hard tops, soft roll-ups, and sliding or retractable covers.

  • Hitches

A tow-hitch accessory is a no-brainer for truck owners who know they will be towing. If you’re on the fence, though, don’t overthink it: get the hitch. Nor only will hitch will increase resale value, but because all tow hitches are regulated, you will have clear information about how much you can tow and how strong your hitch is. A tow hitch is another of the hall of fame Michigan truck accessories – without it, how will you get the boat to the lake?

  • Extra Tire

Depending on your truck's size, it will either come with a basic spare tire or a donut. You do not want a donut. Having a tire that is the same size, make, and model as your other tires is the safest way to ensure that you are equipped for anything in the event of a flat. The only way to plan for an accident is to prepare for it; nothing will leave you better prepared than a full-sized matching spare.

  • Car Alarm

The Ford F-150 was the most stolen car in America in 2020. Americans love a truck, and unfortunately, if they don't have their own they’ll help themselves to yours. Protect your vehicle with an advanced alarm system that will keep potential thieves at bay. Viper alarms, GPS tracking, and immobilizers are all excellent options for arming and alarming your truck.

  • Radar Detector

A radar detector is not a must-have in any universe. Is it fun? Yes. Should you use it to evade speeding tickets? Probably not. Will anyone know if you do? No way.

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