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When to Schedule a Windshield Replacement in Macomb, MI
January 18, 2021 at 5:00 AM
Learn how to spot the signs that you need a Macomb, MI windshield replacement.

The windshield is one of those parts of the car that many of us never think about. That is until it gets damaged, of course. Whether it's an accident, a piece of debris falling on the vehicle, or objects being kicked up and hitting the windshield while driving down the road, once that windshield is cracked or chipped, it's one of the only things the driver can think about. While some damage can be repaired, oftentimes, the broken auto glass needs to be replaced outright. This guide will help you understand the risks of driving with damaged auto glass and how to determine when it's time to schedule a Macomb, MI windshield replacement.

Dangers of Driving with a Damaged Windshield

It reduces your visibility while driving.

Depending on the location and size of the crack or chip on the windshield, your ability to clearly see the road and any obstacles on it is greatly diminished when your auto glass is damaged. This is especially true if it's located on the driver's side of the glass. When your vision is obscured, it reduces your reaction time, and the chances of an accident occurring are higher, but you can easily avoid this risk by getting a Macomb, MI windshield replacement.

The structural integrity of the vehicle is affected.

While many people just think of the windshield as a delicate piece of glass, it's actually a crucial component of the vehicle's overall structural stability. It's designed to help transfer the force of a head-on collision through the vehicle into the more solid chassis. Not only does this reduce the effect of the impact on anyone in the vehicle, but it also prevents the vehicle's frame from caving in during an accident. However, it's ability to do this effectively is lessened when it's already damaged.

There's a higher risk of injury in an accident.

If you were to experience an accident while driving, an uncompromised windshield would protect you from being ejected from the vehicle. When it's been cracked or chipped, though, it's ability to prevent this from happening is hindered. A damaged windshield is also a safety concern because of how it affects the efficient deployment of the airbag. When a collision causes the airbag to inflate, the windshield serves as the backstop that causes it to deploy forward towards the driver, but if it's damaged, it can escape through the damaged windshield instead.

Signs You Need a Macomb, MI Windshield Replacement

The damage is too large to repair.

While small chips and scrapes can be filled in and repaired relatively easily, it's best to replace the entire installation once they reach a certain size. As a general rule, chips larger than 3 inches are beyond repair, and if there are cracks a foot or longer, a replacement is needed.

The location is affecting your safety.

When the damage is obstructing the driver's field of vision, it needs to be replaced for everyone's safety. Another unfortunate area for cracks or chips is near the edges of the windshield. If it intersects more than one of the outer edges, then the structural integrity is more compromised and likely to present safety concerns in an accident.

You're experiencing pitting.

Pitting is a natural form of windshield degradation, and it severely impacts your ability to see the road clearly. It's caused by sand, dust, or debris from the road continually impacting the windshield until the glass wears down. Since there isn't a surefire repair solution to a pitted windshield, you'll need to replace it to avoid the damaged glass causing glares and blind spots that can affect your driving.

Do You Need a Macomb, MI Windshield Replacement?

Then Simbol Auto Glass is here to help. With four convenient locations throughout the Detroit area, our friendly and knowledgeable staff has the experience and tools needed to ensure your replacement is handled with precision. We'll make sure your vehicle is safe to drive again and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Visit us online to learn more or to schedule your replacement today.