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How to pick a reliable Michigan mobile glass service
February 15, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How to pick a reliable Michigan mobile glass service

You can always drive to an auto glass replacement specialist’s location when you need your vehicle’s window or windshield replaced. Sometimes the best solution for you is to call a Michigan mobile glass service. However, there are often so many that it can be difficult to tell which is the best and most reliable. At Simple Auto Glass, we know what you should be looking for when you pick a reliable mobile glass service, so we’ve put together a few qualities you’ll want to identify.

Serves a large area

You can’t count on a glass service that serves a small geographic area because you’re not always going to be in their service area. The most dependable glass repair or replacement services understand that you’re not always at home when you need to have glass brought to you. For instance, you might be stuck well outside of town with a broken windshield because of an unfortunate accident with a rock or another object. A dependable glass service is willing to make the trip out to help with your windshield.

Has safety and security protocols

When you’re having a glass replacement technician come to your home or anywhere else, you’re probably not going to know who they are. Most people don’t need to have their windows or windshield replaced often enough to get to know their window technicians. A reliable mobile glass service will have protocols put in place that will make it easy for your to identify technicians if they’re not arriving in a marked truck or van. They might be required to verify your email address or phone number to make sure they have the right person so you can feel confident they’re the person you’re waiting for.

Uses quality installation materials

Your windshield should be a tight seal on the front end of your vehicle that doesn’t allow any air or water to leak in. Substandard materials and adhesives will often cause these kinds of problems, which can not only make for loud driving but can also cause damage to your vehicle as moisture gets in where it shouldn’t be. The best adhesive companies can use for your windshield installation is a urethane adhesive with a PSI of 1,000.

Sends more than one tech

Any company that knows about replacing a windshield understands that it’s not a one-person job. If you need a windshield replaced and only one technician shows up at your home or wherever you are, be sure to verify that they’re going to be doing a windshield replacement. Companies that are reliable will always send two people to perform a windshield replacement because there’s no way one can get the windshield placed securely on your vehicle then seal with adhesive.

Lifetime guarantee on work

A reliable glass service will guarantee the work its technicians perform. They’ll be willing to come back and repair the connection between the adhesive and windshield should there be a break in the seal or replace it if there’s a crack from installation. The best glass companies will stand by their work with a guarantee, which is a sign that they’re using quality materials and doing everything according to industry standards.

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