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Things to know about car window replacement in Michigan
October 29, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Things to know about car window replacement in Michigan

When you have a broken or cracked window, it’s important to get the necessary repairs done as soon as possible. You might feel like you can let a cracked windshield sit for a while without doing anything about it, but it won’t take much for a small crack to expand into one that’s much larger. A shattered window that’s held together by tint doesn’t pose any immediate danger, but it’s difficult to see out of when you’re driving. If you’re dealing with any of these problems, you need car window replacement in Michigan.

Finding the right auto glass company to work with can be difficult. To help with this, our team at Simbol Auto Glass has assembled a few things that you should know about the process and company you choose to work with.

Are you getting the right glass?

Getting the right glass for your car windows isn’t as cut and dry as grabbing a window from stock and installing it. Rather, it needs to be cut according to the specifications that have been outlined directly by the manufacturer. Beyond the size and shape of the glass, your window should either be laminated or tempered glass. Both are designed to prevent shattering, but laminated glass is designated for the front windshield while tempered is for the rear windshield and side windows.

Does the work come with a warranty?

Companies that install auto glass should offer a warranty with their work. This often covers the adhesive that’s used to hold the windshield in place. However, it won’t usually cover damage sustained to the window while driving. Ask the auto glass company what warranties your glass does come with so you’re not paying out-of-pocket unnecessarily to replace a windshield in six months.

Is the glass installed with a urethane adhesive?

Windshields should always be installed using a high-quality urethane adhesive. This particular adhesive is made to hold up to 50 times stronger than older adhesives and doesn’t have to be heated when applied. It cures quickly and is the current industry standard for installing auto glass.

Will your insurance cover it?

Your insurance company will typically cover your car window replacement. However, what you pay out-of-pocket depends on your deductible. The average windshield replacement is about $400, so if you have a $500 deductible you’ll be paying for your windshield. If your deductible is $100, then that’s the portion you’ll pay. Although, five states allow separate coverage for auto glass replacement so drivers won’t have to pay anything at all. If you’re not sure what kind of coverage you have, speak with your insurance agent before speaking to your auto glass shop.

Is the auto glass company licensed and insured?

This is an important piece to ensuring that you get quality work done on your vehicle. You might find a company that offers a great cash price for a new windshield or window, but there’s something odd about them. There’s a chance they aren’t licensed, which means they likely aren’t insured either. If the company isn’t licensed or certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council, this could void any warranties on the installation or the glass itself. Moreover, if anything happens to your vehicle or the installer while they’re at your home, you could be on the hook for paying for their injury if the company isn’t insured.

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