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3 Benefits of Need a New Truck Cargo Liner for Winter
November 3, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Find out why a new cargo truck liner is a smart investment

Whether it’s your first or fifty-first winter in Michigan, you know how brutal temperatures can be. Sub-zero temperatures for days are normal, and those frigid figures take a toll on our lives—and our trucks. Even trucks that are built to withstand the harshest of climates may face challenges under these crippling conditions. Installing a new truck cargo liner can make a huge difference.

New liners are a massive upgrade even if your truck is relatively new. In fact, it’s a smart investment: give your truck the additional protection it needs now to prevent problems in the future. After all, don’t we buy trucks so they’ll serve us for years to come? Do yourself a favor and find out why installing a new liner brings several benefits to your truck.

Benefit #1: it’s a smart investment

Let’s be real: buying a new truck is a long-term investment. Even if your truck isn’t brand new off the lot but you brought it in great condition and with low mileage, you probably plan to drive it as long as you can.

Living in Michigan means your truck is going to be put through the wringer during winter months—which can last for up to six months depending on who you ask and when. Even in the harshest months, we need our trucks to serve us well, meaning our beds are going to receive extra punishment. Installing a new cargo liner on your truck helps protect it from everyday wear and tear, plus the excess salt that inevitably finds its way into our truck beds. Get a new liner, give your truck bed a lifeline, and protect your bed from additional wear.

Benefit #2: keep your truck clean

You know that it’s virtually impossible to keep outside conditions from entering your truck, no matter how hard we try. Winter weather conditions can dump significant challenges on your truck, pushing its durability to the limits.

Our Techliner solution gives your truck an additional layer of protection to keep salt, mud, dirt, water, and any other sludge from penetrating into your truck, chipping away at the paint, or allowing your bed to rust. Not only does this keep your truck clean, but it keeps potentially harmful elements from penetrating deep into the paint or beyond.

Installing a new liner before winter hits puts you in the best position for protecting your truck from the worst winter can throw at it. Make sure you come see us before we’re in the middle of the season.

Benefit #3: good for all seasons

Cargo liners are essential for keeping our truck beds in good condition during the winter months. And, while they help protect them from snow, salt, and dirt, their applications are incredibly helpful once the snow clears and we hit spring and summer.

Installing a cargo liner before the snow hits ensures that, when the weather’s nice again, your truck is in the same great shape it was before the daily highs were still below freezing. But don’t wait until we’re facing several inches or more of snow per day. Bring your truck in, prepare for winter, and come out on the other side ready for warmer months.

Protect your truck with Simbol Auto Glass

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