A basic but solid entry level car alarm system with essential security features for the budget conscious consumer. Don't get mistaken though because the PYTHON 1-WAY ALARM SYSTEM is anything but basic. It uses a properiaty communication software that boasts enhanced security and speed when sending signals through the remote to your vehicle. Enhanced encryption and frequency transmissions ensures your commands are recieved by your car. This package comes with two 1-WAY 4-BUTTON remote controls that can send commands to your vehicle. It's limitations our the range of 1/4 mile and also keep in mind that 1-WAY SYSTEMS do not send a confirmation back like 2-WAY ALARM SYSTEMS. Comes equipped with SmartStart capablities if you ever need to take the next step forward.


  • TWO 4 Button Remotes 1-WAY
  • 1/4 Mile range with enhanced security
  • SmartStart Compatible**
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One of our most popular car security systems is the PYTHONS 2-WAY SYSTEM. Unlike a 1-WAY SYSTEM a 2-WAY system allows you to communicate with the car and it can communicate with you. Sends back confirmations that commands have been received so you can rest assured your car is safe. Also it can notify you if the car is broken into by sending a message to your screen on your remote. Range for arming, disarming and issuing other commands is extended to one mile with keyless entry built in.


  • ONE 2-WAY Remote with a liquid-crystal display
  • ONE 4-button companion remote control
  • SIX different siren sounds
  • PYTHON Responder Software virtually eliminates lag time
  • SmartStart Compatible
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Get everything all in one package with PYTHONS 2-WAY Security and Remote Start System. It boasts a beautiful color remote with a very user friendly and intutitve user interface which can operate at a range of one mile. You can also operate multiple cars with one remote and with PYTHONS new propertiey software SuperCode they've enhanced the Responder LE protocol by enhancing the system signal encryption.

Key Features

  • LCD Screen
  • 1 LCD 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
  • 1,500 Feet Range
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