Whether you use your Truck for work or play we have something for you to help you protect your Truck. At Simbol Auto Glass we offer a wide range of Truck accessories that will add convience and extra functionality to your Truck. We only sell the top brand names when it comes to Truck Accessories such as Truxport, EdgeX, Weathertech and many more. Professionally installed and workmandship guarenteed on all our work. Our prices are very affordable and we cater to all budget ranges.

Truck Grilles

Truck Grilles not only add to the style and appeal of your truck but will also protect the front of your truck in the case of an accident. Also with the use of a Truck Grille other things are possible as pushing a dead vehicle off the road to safety. As someone using their truck for work purposes having that extra level of protection can be a great investment in the case of an incident. We have many brands to choose from and different styles as well.


Tonneau Covers are a great way to protect and secure your valuable tools or other items in the back of your truck. Depending on what purpose you use your truck we can recommend the proper Tonnea Cover as theirs many to choose from. If your going to be storing tools in the back then a locking tonnea cover is the only way to go otherwise a simple non-locking tonnea cover would do the trick.


Nerf Bars or step bars are a nice little add-on that are very practical accessory for any truck especially after a long day. Helping to protect the side of your vehicle if ever invvolved in a side to side collision with another vehicle they can help from the two vehicles locking tires together. They also make a great addition to off-road trucks. Most Nerf bars are made of chrome, stainless steel, or powedered coat design to name just a few.


Keep your trucks bed from damage againest dents, scratches and anything nature can throw at it. Made from a 100% recyclable and odorless thermoplastic elastomer; TechLiner® is durable, flexible and UV resistant. Custom-fit for each application, the liner securely fits the exact contours of the truck bed. Will not crack, break or warp in even extreme temperatures.


Maintaining and protecting the interior of your vehicle is just as important as taking care of the exterior of your vehicle if you hope to maintain the resell value of your vehicle. Luckily the products we offer from WeatherTech - a leading name in the field of auto protection makes it easy and affordable. Floor mats, floor liners, mud flaps, and side window deflectors are available for both cars and trucks of all makes and models.


All weather all purpose floor mats made by Weathertech have deeply grooved channels meant to capture mud, sand, water, snow and other undesirables from penetrating the floor interior of your vehicle. Made of a properiaty blend of composite materials Weathertech floor mats are odorless and will not crack, curl or harden in below zero weather. A non-stick finish to make clean-up easy and anti-skid ridges to preventing the mats from shifting in your vehicle.


WeatherTech floor liners have all the same great propeties as their regular floor mats but are custom laser fitted to your vehicles make and model. No leakage here at all. The mats themselves are designed to channel the water into a lower reservoir which then are removed from the WeatherTech FloorLiner-DigitalFit floor lines through the door sill all the while keeping fluids away from your shoes and clothing.


Enjoy the fresh air of the open road no matter the weather with WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors. Preciosnally enginered to fit perfectly on any vehicle these sleek and low profile window deflectors reduce wind noise while also allow interior heat to escape. Installed from inside the window channel with no unsightly exterior taping these Side Window Deflectors are as stylish as their are functional.

Mud Flaps

Keep your truck protected and free from debris, rocks, and other obstructive materials from building up inside the tire well.Installation takes minutes without the need to drill any holes into your Truck. Each mudflap is individiually designed per vehicle and are countered to insure maximal fit. WeatherTech MudFlaps use a properiaty thermoplastic resin that offers great protection from anything that dirty road throws at your truck.